Hotel Architecture

The Cavo Tagoo 5 star hotel underwent a change of ownership and appearance. The two are intimately related, as the new owner is Paris Liakos, an award-winning architect.

Mr. Liakos’ vision is truly a sight to behold: the water element embraces all the Cavo Tagoo structures; the eye balances on the pool’s water level which creates a second horizon across the expanse of the sea. And in the center is the stunning Myconian hotel, which by day welcomes its visitors like a friendly Cycladic home and by night turns into a hub of cosmopolitan gatherings.

Mr. Liakos’ vision as it stands today has been brought to life through a definitive collaboration with Aggelos Aggelopoulos and significant architectural contributions from Yiannis Mourikis and George Gavalas.

Nestled into a cliffside, the dominant external element is the natural rock, which is preserved in some internal spaces as a natural decorative feature: Cavo Tagoo blends magically with its surroundings.

The soft curves of the white buildings, the pebbles that cover the roofs, the wood that has been utilized with supreme skill, the stone, and bamboo; the hotel is infused with Nature.

Particular attention has been given to the interior design. The result is a stunning whitewashed effect with brilliant splashes of color and matte strokes of gold that light up the internal space of the hotel’s luxury suites as well as of each luxury villa.

It is a masterful combination of traditional rustic elements, with modern minimalist purity. The hotel has won an award for Applied Architecture in the Aegean Sea Region.



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